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Beauty Treatments, Massage & Holistic Therapy

The Beresford Clinic’s resident beauty and holistic therapist, Julie Henman offers a range of rejuvenating, relaxing and specialists beauty and holistic therapy treaments. You can rest assured that any therapy treatments you book with julie will leave you feeling refreshed and looking your best. Julie has been in the industry over 25 years and is not only qualified to expert skincare level, but has a wealth of experience from her previous positions at top spa’s in London, on board the QE2, Devon and Somerset. 

Your Specialist

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Jacqui Taylor BA. SRN


Waxing Treatments

The Beresford Clinic offer a selection of waxing treatments inclucing imtimate waxing, facial waxing and men’s waxing. 

Top tips for the best waxing experience:

Before you come for a wax, whether it’s an intimate wax, legs or any other body area, the key is to let it grow, but not too much! For best results let it grow for as long as you can, then trim it to about the length of a grain of basmati rice, if the hair is too long, it can lead to a less comfortable waxing experience, too short, and the wax may not be able to remove all of the hair.

Regular waxing is key and we recommend that you re book your waxing appointments at the start of your treatments every 4 weeks, once you have had a few treatments, you may be able to extend this to 5 weeks or more.

After waxing, your follicals will be open and can be prone to infections: For this reason we recommend not using a sauna, steam room or jazuzzi for 48 hours post wax.

Exfoliate the area weekly to minimise ingrown hairs.

Do not be tempted to share or use depilatory creams between your wax appointments, this can disrupt the cycle of hair growth and as the aim of waxing regularly is to get all the hair removed once it is growing in the same cycle, this is to be avoided.

The science behind waxing and hair growth:

The hair growth cycle has 3 phases: The growth phase (anagen). The transition phase (catagen) and the resting phase (telogen) and regular waxing at the right time during your hair growth cycle will mean optimal results from your wax.

Anagen, or the growth phase:

Hair is actively growing longer in this phase.  The length of time hair remains in anagen phase determines how long it can grow.  Pubic hair stays in this phase for 3 to 4 months with approximately 30% of your pubic hair being in this phase at any one time.

Catagen or transition phase:

During this phase the hair stops growing, the follicle shrinks, and the hair is cut off from its blood supply.  The catagen phase only lasts for about 2 weeks, and only 2 or 3% of pubic hair is in this phase at a time.

Telogen or the resting phase:

In this phase the follicle is dormant and will renew itself. You shed the old hair and then the anagen phase starts again with the new hair pushing out the old hair from the follicle.  About 70% of pubic hair is in the telogen phase which can last for about 3 months.

So, when we complete a Wax we are removing 30% of anagen hair and 70% of Telogen hair.  This will lead to some hair growth being visible at about 2-3 weeks post wax, but this will depend on how quickly your own hair grows. It will also vary on the time of year and in summer will grow quicker.  Regular waxing will lead to slower growth as the hair is removed fully by the root.

You will find that when you are waxed because the hair is growing from its baby form giving you a tapered hair end, you don’t get shaving stubble which can be itchy and uncomfortable and give that Velcro effect when dressing/undressing.  This is so much nicer.



Waxing or tweezing treament



Waxing or tweezing treament



Waxing or tweezing treament



Waxing or tweezing treament



Standard bikini wax



Intimate waxing treatment



Intimate waxing treatment


half leg

Standard waxing treatment


ful leg

Standard waxing treatment


half leg & bikini

Combination wax treatment


full leg & bikini

Combination wax treatment



Standard waxing treatment


back & chest

Standard waxing treatment



Gel or Original Polish available.  Gel polish is applied like normal polish and then cured under uv light. It lasts for 3 weeks with no chipping, peeling or fading. Put your shoes straight on as soon as your pedicure has finished as the gel sets hard in uv light.  I can do a quick fix file, polish, dry and hard skin removal, cuticle care or a longer treatment by adding relaxing foot soak and massage.

Manicure & Pedicure

Without polish £30

Manicure & Pedicure

With gel polish £40

Manicure & Pedicure

With polish £35

Foot Health Treatment

Maintenance only £30

Lashes and Brows

If you are not lucky enough to have naturally bushy brows and long thick lashes, or have difficulty wearing or do not want to wear make-up, then tinting is a quick and effective way to make your eyes look larger without the need for make-up. Tinting is great if you lead an active and busy lifestyle as no need to use eyeliner or mascara. Eyebrows and lashes frame your face and can fade in colour and get unruly as we get older, lashes can fall out and stop naturally curling if too much of the wrong type of mascara is used, if we have irritated eyes, or a medical problem. Eyebrows can by over plucked and rubbed away too and can become patchy.  By enhancing our natural brows and lashes with semi-permanent vegetable colour tints, and natural lash lifting, we can help keep them in good condition and enhance their appearance in a kind and affective way. The tints and lifts usually last 4-6 weeks. The treatment takes 10-30 minutes.


Lash £15
Brow £10
Lash & Brow £20

Patch test required 48 hours in advance

Brow wax


Patch test required 48 hours in advance

Shape & Tint Combo

Brows only £15
Lash & Brow £30

Patch test required 48 hours in advance

Lash Lift


Patch test required 48 hours in advance

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The Beresford Clinic want to ensure you are confident and happy that you have made an informed decision on the treatment or procedure thats right for you: This is why the clinic prefers to book clients in for treatments over the phone.

No one knows your body better than you and every one is different which is why a consultation is paramount to creating the right journey to achieve your ultimate goals. The consultation team will will talk you through the treatments and procedures and create a tailored plan that is perfect for your goals.

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