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Thread Vein Removal Treatment

Thread vein removal is a popular treatment at The Beresford Clinic. Thread veins, also known as spider veins are a common problem for men and women of all ages and can predominantly appear on the face, thighs and calves. Although they are considered a cosmetic issue rather than a medical one, it can affect the appearance and confidence of people who suffer from thread veins.

Thread veins can appear for several reasons, but the most common are:

  • Pregnancy
  • Getting older
  • Genetics
  • Smoking
  • Excess alcohol consumption
  • Being overweight
  • The menopause
  • Hormones such as birth control

The Beresford Clinic offers a revolutionary thread vein removal system which provides immediate and lasting results and removes 80 – 100cm of veins in only 10-15 minutes with no post-treatment down time.

Benefits of The Beresford Clinic’s vein removal treatment:

  • Instant results, the vein disappears immediately
  • Treats 80-100cm of vein in a single 10-15 minute session
  • Can be used on all areas, including ankles, knees and face
  • Safe for all seasons, no need to stay out of the sun
  • No pain and minimal discomfort
  • No elastic stockings or bandages required
  • Immediate and permanent results
  • No seasonal limitation due to sun exposure
  • Can be used on any skin types

Thread Vein Removal Treatments

Face Vein Removal

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How does the treatment work?

The treatment uses revolutionary unipolar thermocoagulation technology to heat the vein and make it coagulate. By generating high frequency heat energy via the tip of an ultra-fine insulated needle, the treatment causes vein walls to collapse and disappear. Because the needle is insulated and the amount of power administered can be adjusted, the treatment is targeted and does not affect the surrounding tissue. Although electrocoagulation also uses a needle, the thermocoagulator is profoundly different in that there is no risk of scarring or bruising and no need for anesthesia.

Are there any side effects?

Unlike laser thread vein removal, the Beresford Clinic’s treatment delivers instant and visible results with no side effects. Because of the constant, controllable power and limited skin contact, there is no scarring, necrosis, or burning or changes in pigmentation.

  • No (de-) pigmentation
  • No allergic reactions
  • No burns
  • No necrosis
  • No inflammation

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