Treatment for dandruff, inflamed and itchy scalp, oily hair. Improves the condition of the hair and scalp. This is a 100% natural treatment (Toxicologically Certified). The lotion contains bioactive extracts and natural herbal infusions which work in synergy. When applied the lotion penetrates deep into the scalp, to the walls of the blood vessels, thus increasing blood circulation and activating the metabolism. The lotion has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and regenerating effects that ensures the required level of scalp cleansing. The bacteriostatic action effected is due to a high content of natural antiseptics within the raw herbal materials. It helps normalise the functional condition of the hair- covered scalp and its sebum production. As a result the lotion clears away dandruff, scalp scabs and relieves itching.

The health of scalp defines the overall look and health of hair. If you experience such problems such as Seborrhea, itching or dandruff, SATURA® SUPER SCALP Lotion will be the best dry scalp treatment. Easy to use, it’s a very effective remedy against such conditions as:

  • Dandruff
  • Seborrhea
  • Oily scalp
  • Dryness, inflammation, and itching of the scalp

If you suffer from dandruff, seborrhea, oiliness, itching and abscess formation, your scalp must be damaged by a number of scalp conditions including a fungus called Pityrosporum ovale. It’s not a life-threatening condition, but it’s hard to get rid of. People can be curing it for years – all in vain. That’s why a comprehensive scalp treatment for dandruff and seborrhea is required. SATURA® SUPER SCALP Lotion normalizes oil balance and flora of scalp, which helps to eliminate the cause of Seborrhea, dandruff and inflammation.

Product Information


SATURA® SUPER SCALP Lotion is a 100% natural, toxicologically certified remedy. The lotion contains:

  • Natural herbal infusions
  • Bioactive extracts that stimulate hair growth
  • Nitrogen-containing substances
  • Amino-acids and microelements (calcium, iodine, potassium, magnesium).

These organic components improve scalp condition by deeply penetrating skin and hair walls. They increase blood supply and activate scalp metabolism.

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