Free from sugar, artificial flavours and sweeteners, Dr. Weiler is helping you to lead a healthy life and to reach your dream weight easily.

The Problem

Sugar gets you down and is proven to have a negative effect on the appearance of your skin. Diabetes, caries and obesity are often results of the consumption of too much sugar.

The Solution

Dr. Weiler consists of purely plant based, vegan, lactose and gluten free ingredients. With their sugar free sweetness these natural flavours fulfill your need for sweets and sugar – for more energy, an even complexion and a healthy life.

Product Information

Sugar consumption is on the rise, which in turn leads to many problems as overweight, an unhealthy lifestyle and much more problems. The breakthrough, DR WEILER’s – THE AESTHETIC TASTE – SPRAY is a complete natural way to curb a sweet tooth. Certain flavors have been known to curb sugar craving by tricking senses in to believing they´re satisfied. A world first and innovative way for a healthier lifestyle by cutting edge flavor science. Developed by Dr. Matthias Weiler MD – Germany.
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