The Beresford Clinic Testimonials

Just a few of our many testimonials. We are always complimented on our high level

of customer service, the quality of our treatments, facilities and the beautiful location of
the Beresford Clinic here in Devon.

“Just wanted to say how delighted I am with the Botox treatment Jacqui gave me last week. Her expert appraisal and attention to detail – to lift my sagging jawline, down-turned lips and furrowed brow – was all achieved without the ubiquitous ‘wind tunnel’ effect! Thank you Jacqui for restoring the serene, natural looking younger me!”


“I wish I had found this clinic before, I have had bad experiences with Botox in previous clinics, but I have to say the Beresford Clinic is not in this category, not only are they very professional in their approach but their staff are extremely qualified, Jackie carried out the procedure for my Botox and Fillers and did not disappoint, she came highly recommended by a colleague who uses the clinic all the time.


I came out of the clinic feeling a million dollars, work colleagues commented on how well I looked, friends have asked what am I taking to look so well, I want to keep this place my own secret but felt that is selfish I need to share my great experience. Thank You Beresford for giving me back my confidence.”
– L Lewis


“I rate them very highly,and always come out happy with everything.Very professional and friendly.”
– A Baily


“I have been for some time looking for a clinic that I can get the service and level of standard that I required. The care and quality control at this Clinic is second to none. It may be a distance for me to travel, but with lovely people to look forward to meeting each time and fantastic treatments on offer it is not to much of a journey.”
– Mr J


“I first visited the clinic when my mum bought me a microdermabrasion for my birthday 2 years ago, I knew all about the clinic as my mum has been going there for over 10 years, my expectations were high to say the least. The clinic did not disappoint,  I was greeted  by Julie the owner of the clinic , who examined my skin and advised the correct treatment for me. Themicrodermabrasion was carried out by Jules  and was amazing, she made me feel totally relaxed, I almost fell asleep.


Once the treatment was completed Jules discussed after care and how important it was for me to wear sunscreen daily as I teach outside, she helped me understand the mechanics of my skin and how best to protect it long term. My mum has great skin which she attributes to the Beresford Clinic, I will continue my visits to ensure as i age my skin stays young. I would recommend the clinic to people of all ages and sexes as all are treated equally and with the same customer excellence. Thank you! “
– Miss K


“Before visiting the Beresford, I was extremely self-conscious with my appearance. I suffer from acne and my skin was plagued by breakouts and scarring, my anxiety was so severe I didn’t feel i could go out in public without layers of makeup on and would never wear my hair back as i felt I could hide behind it. The situation was truly affecting my quality of life and started becoming a factor in my decisions to leave the house.


I decided to speak treatment and under recommendation I visited the Beresford Clinic to discuss what options were open to me. I was greeted by friendly,professional and knowledgeable staff mainly Jules, whom understood my needs and were able to personalise a suitable course of treatment ” the Jules cocktail”. Since having the recommended treatment, my confidence has returned.


I can now wear my hair back and my skin is so much better ! Everybody has noticed and complimented me ! My experience at the Beresford Clinic has been so worthwhile! I would highly recommend them ! Thank You Jules x”
– Miss V


“You’ll know that I have been visiting the clinic in Bishopsteignton for a number of years, the prime reason i continue to come back is Jules. She is a great ambassador for the business in a number of ways ; she does a lovely! soft sell”  of treatments and it’s mainly down to Jules that i have spent the money with the Beresford I have. Her approach is always very professional and i trust her advice, she makes follow up calls and I always feel that she is interested in me as an individual and not just as a fee paying client. I am sure you know all of the above and view Jules as a valued employee.


I am also very grateful to Jackie who has a calm and patient bed side manner, she is great and i would not want anyone but her to administer the procedures. If either of them leave Beresford I would be disappointed. It’s always those at grass roots who deliver the service, who make the experience good or bad and encourage or discourage the client to keep coming back. Many Thanks.”
– Ms D


“When I first visited the Clinic I was greeted by Marlena who was so lovely, kind and extremely welcoming. I was then introduced to Jules, who is one of the kindest caring and very professional people I have met. I have had a number of  microdermabrasion for acne and seen a great improvement, I still have a little way to go but I trust Jules will get me there.


I have also had a fantastic experience with Julie, she has given me lots of advice regarding my skin, and reassured me we will get there. Overall my experience with the Beresford Clinic has been fantastic, and I will definitely be visiting again, and would recommend the Clinic to anyone. Thank you to everyone at the Clinic.”
– Miss W


“I have been using the Beresford Clinic for quite some time now, and cannot recommend them highly enough. The Staff are always kind and helpful, and the treatments have helped change my life. All this in a superb setting and everything treated in with complete confidentiality. Thank you so much!”
– Mrs B


“First ever visit, lovely surroundings and lovely staff who made me feel very welcome to the clinic. The Beauty therapist who did my treatments was very professional and easy to talk to. It was a very relaxing experience that I would recommend to friends and would most definitely go back again myself.  Thank-you!”
– Mrs W


“I would highly recommend the team at the Beresford Clinic for the lovely surroundings and very professional treatment on offer. I would especially like to thank Jules for her friendliness and professionalism, as well as brilliant treatment. I will definitely be coming back again.”
– C Kelly


“As a builder I was often embarrassed by the hair on my back. Whilst working outside in the summer, remarks were often made. My girlfriend suggested I rang the Beresford Clinic for a course of Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removaltreatments, this has changed my life.”
– Mr P


“Wonderful experience at the clinic, I had a course of IPL Hair Removal which got rid of unwanted hair and did not have to worry about shaving whilst away on holiday.  Very helpful and polite. Would definitely recommend.”
– Mrs P


“Thank you for your help and encouragement over the last few weeks. Whilst on Rejuvaslim I lost 14lbs in one month. I have never felt better and never before consumed so many calories.”
– Mrs S


“After receiving Botox from Dr Gunning, I am no longer looking tired and the compliments have been coming in fast and furious. Thank you! What a wonderful experience, being guided by such lovely people.”
– Mrs S


“My course of Microdermabrasion had been a fantastic treatment. I have received many compliments on how good my skin is looking. Will definitely recommend to all friends.”
– Mr R