Dermal Fillers

Lip augmentation with fillers

The following solutions can be offered with the use of dermal fillers:

  • Recover volume within areas such as the jawline and forehead
  • Enhance the cheekbones
  • Restructure and contour the jawline
  • Add volume to the chin
  • Plump up forehead lines and wrinkles
  • Recover sunken eyes and eyebags
  • Plump and smooth the lips
  • Restore crepey skin on the neck

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Filler Treatment Prices


from £225

boletero - intense

from £325

Juvederm Voluma

from £325

boletero - soft

from £295


from £295

Juvederm Volift

from £495

boletero - balance

from £295


from £295


from £325

About Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are the perfect solution to enhancing facial fillers, sculpting the facial area,  plumping lines and wrinkles and reducing eye bags.

As we get older, the effects of the sun, frowning and the natural ageing process can change that structure of your face. Dermal fillers are used in many areas of the face to restore a more youthful appearance and restructure the shape of the face.

Fillers can be used as an alternative to Wrinkle Relaxing injections correcting wrinkles, shaping deep folds and facial contours or for volume augmentation to the lips.

A highly trained medical practitioner administers all of our dermal filler treatments and every treatment is tailored to our clients individual needs.

Having been established for over 17 years, you can rest assured that when you book a dermal filler treatment at The Beresford Clinic, you are in the safe hands of experienced and fully qualified medical professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dermal filler?

Dermal fillers add volume, filling in deeper lines and wrinkles. More superficial than wrinkle relaxing treatment depending on the viscosity they can be used in most parts of the face.

How long does it last?

Treatment results can last for up to 12 months and results are immediate. Countless creams won’t achieve the results that Dermal Fillers can. A longer-lasting effect that improves over time. You may, if you choose to be able to return to normal activities (except sport) immediately.

What is the procedure?

An anesthetic cream is applied 30 minutes before the Dermal Filler Treatment. The filler is carefully injected into the treatment area. This usually takes 30 minutes, the area is then massaged and molded.

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